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Center of Wellness for Urban Women, Inc.

Center of Wellness for Urban Women (CWUW) empowers women and their families living in urban communities to take action in their health and well-being through education, advocacy, prevention, and care.

How do we plan to empower women and their families?

By helping women to create a culture of wellness using the 7 Dimensions of Wellness, women and their families develop skills and tools to address all aspects of their lives to improve their quality of live and to make better lifestyle choices. 


Women's Health In Indiana

On average, about 23 women die from heart disease and stroke in Indiana each day

Nearly 59.5% of women in Indiana are obese and overweight

43.7% of women in Indiana report poor mental health


HelPing Women in 2015

Last year CWUW reached 165 women through our programs.  We conducted our 7 Dimensions of Wellness program at Indianapolis Healthy Start and the YMCA Avondale Meadows.  Once again, our SPROUT Program was funded through Indy Food Fund.  We provided a 10 week garden program, organized a tour of area gardens, and conducted a garden 101 workshop.

In 2015, we partnered with Indy Parks for our Sisters Together: Move More, Eat Better conducting yoga, Zumba, and nutritional workshops.  Marion County Health Department and Purdue Extension provided workshops on cooking, sodium reduction, and nutrition for women.  Our 5thClothing Drive and Exchange event allowed us to assist 75 families with clothing.  

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CWUW's programs help women to reach their best.

CWUW's programs help women to reach their best.


Let's Live Well, Together!

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