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7 Days of Wellness

7th day virtual award 2019 honorees


Emma Lockridge Environmental Honoree

an environmental activist in Detroit, Michigan

Inhale Peace Headshot for Candance Greene (1).jpg

Candance Green

Spiritual Honoree

a lover of God and a Peace maker

7th Day Award Nominations

Do you know a woman who is taking action in her health and well-being?  Does she share her wisdom with others in the community? Nominate her for a 7th Day Award!  We will award a woman for each of the 7 Dimensions of Wellness.  This honor includes all women: both cisgender and trans.

Let's celebrate unsung women in the community!! There are so many wonderful women who should be celebrated. 

Why is this called the "7th Day Award"?  

  • The 7th Day Awards is held on the last day of National Women's Health Week.

  • There are 7 days we celebrate the wellness for women. We want to honor women who are making strides in the areas of physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, occupational and social wellness. Their contribution to these 7 dimensions of wellness has and continues to change the world around them.

  • 7 is the number of completion, wholeness

The honoree will be celebrated during the week of May 12th-18th.


  1. Must be 18 and over

  2. Must reside in the United States

  3. Must provide a complete narrative to why this person should be nominated for a 7th Day Award

  4. The person can only be nominated for one category

  5. The honoree must agree to be interviewed via a webcast, Facebook live, podcast, or other broadcast.

  6. You may nominate yourself. Please be explain why you're nominating yourself. Tell your story.


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