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SPROUT Garden Education

SPROUT Garden Education is our program to teach women and their families the benefits of gardening and growing your own food. CWUW offers a comprehensive garden program that includes both classroom training and hands on education at a garden site. CWUW has been heavily engaged in addressing food access and insecurity in Indianapolis.

CWUW is a member of the Indy Food Council and is partner with the Lawrence Community Garden and Indiana University School of Public Health on a research project focusing on community engagement to improve food access.

Apply for Neighborhood Food Champions

 A Neighborhood Food Champion is an individual seeking to create opportunities for their community to improve its food security and access. Each Neighborhood Food Champion will receive comprehensive training to sustain a community based project and a project award for your food related project.

  • Applications are being accepted Oct 21- Nov 30th

  • Program starts February 2020 - Tentative on Tuesday evenings

Participation in this program requires:

·         Interest in the food issues of your community.

·         Attendance at weekly 2-hour workshop for 10-11 weeks.

·         Identified food related project to work with.

·        16 and older (Under 18 must have permission)

·   Proposal submission after 10-week program

·   A presentation to other participants in the program and members of the community

The workshop portion of the project is for 10 consecutive weeks.

You will not receive your project award if you miss more than two sessions.

Sessions include:

·         Understanding the Food System (food waste, co-opts, farms, gardens, stores)

·         Advocacy and Policy

·         Developing community partners

·         Volunteer management

·         Nutrition Basics   - Incorporating nutrition education into your project

·         Procurement – Understanding the business of food

·         Developing a community garden, farmer’s market

·         Grant writing basics

·         Evaluating our success

·   Social Determinants of Health

A committee of community members will make the selection of new Neighborhood Food Champions. The City of Indianapolis will not be a part of this selection process.

Complete the Application Below:

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Do you currently work on Food Access issues in your neighborhood?
Will you need accommodations due to disability?

The Healing Space

In 2017, our SPROUT program has transitioned from our Miss Mary Wellness Garden site to a new site, "The Healing Place", at Flanner House.

Its an exciting, colorful space! Come by and visit anytime.

The Healing Place is located at 719 Edgemont Ave across from Flanner House.

Workshops Coming in 2019:

  • Gardening Basics

  • Advocacy 101

  • Small Container Gardening

  • Make Your Own Teas

  • Gardening with Older Adults

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Wish List for The Healing Place

  • Hand tools for aging adults

  • Lumber for new fence

  • Paint - All colors

  • Mulch and soil

  • Skilled volunteers

  • Two picnic tables


We always need volunteers! Community Service Projects: Colleges, churches, and groups can come to the space and help us keep it looking GREAT!

Questions about The Healing Place? Contact Tracy Cork at

Note: WE DON’T SCHEDULE WORK DAYS OR ACTIVITIES FOR FLANNER FARM. Call Flanner House directly if you want a workday at the farm. 317-925-4231

Meatless Monday Indy


The Meatless Monday Indy initiative is led by the Center of Wellness for Urban Women to bring awareness of the Meatless Monday campaign in Indy. We provide the information and recipes you need to start each week with healthy, environmentally friendly meat-free alternatives. Visit out Meatless Monday Indy Facebook page for updates and great info.

Our community garden is one of the many ways we promote heart healthy meals.


An international movement to help people reduce their meat consumption by 15% to improve personal health and the health of the planet. We are a non-profit initiative of The Monday Campaigns, in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

WHY MEATLESS? On average, Americans consume 8 ounces of meat per day – 45% more than the USDA recommends. Going meatless once a week can reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. It can also help limit your carbon footprint and save precious resources like fresh water and fossil fuel. 

WHY MONDAY? Multiple studies have shown that periodic health prompts lead to positive behavior change. Monday is the beginning of the week, making it the perfect time to reevaluate our choices and set our intentions for the coming days. With a Meatless Monday, you have a scheduled, recurring reminder to start your week off on a nutritious note. And if this Monday passes you by, next week is another opportunity to focus on health!

Visit the Meatless Monday website for more info!

Take the Meatless Monday Pledge!

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Farm City: An Indy Food Story

CWUW participates in a documentary about food systems and health in Indianapolis

FarmCity examines the complicated relationship between the health of a city and its food system. Through stories of an urban farmer, a single mother, a grocery store owner, health experts and community organizers, the documentary looks at what needs to happen to build a healthier city.

Take a look!

Food Movement News

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