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2424 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Street
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Our Partnerships

CWUW believes in having strong collaborative partnerships to assist in providing our participants with the best quality service and care.

Our programming and services are developed with the woman, family,and community in mind.

Mental Health Partner

Let’s Get Mentally Fit

Job Readiness Partner

Flanner House


Who are Partners?

From "Partnerships: Frameworks for Working Together"

Common Understanding
A common understanding of the framework, culture, values, and approach of partner organizations needs to exist. Also important is a clear understanding of individual members’ roles and responsibilities regarding the division of labor.

A shared common vision and purpose that builds trust and openness and recognizes the value and contribution of all members also needs to exist. Additionally, shared and transparent decision-making processes—extending the scope of influence over and involvement with other services and activities—will prove essential to your partnership. Shared goals and aims, understood and accepted as being important by each partner, lead to improved coordination of policies, programs, and service delivery, and, ultimately, better outcomes.

Culture and Values
Shared can-do values, understanding, and an acceptance of differences (e.g., values, ways of working) are all key components of a successful partnership. Having respect for the contributions of all partners, combined with an absence of status barriers, will lead to the active involvement of members who are identified as being effective, representative, and capable of playing a valued role in the partnership.

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Creating new partnerships and collaborations is important to us.

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