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Let's Bike


About Us

The Let’s Bike Program through CWUW seeks to promote healthy lifestyles and strong relationships for members of King Commons by providing access to sustainable transportation and group rides.

Let’s Bike is brought to King Commons through the Great Places Neighborhoods Resiliency Grant. We hope to encourage residents of King Commons to bike more for health benifits as well as transportation needs. Starting this spring, residents may rent bikes for exercise, errands, groceries, work, etc. Residents may also sign up to participate in the numerous group rides that will be offered by CWUW.

Group Rides

CWUW will host group rides to many destinations around the beautiful city of Indianapolis. The purpose of the group rides is to provide King Commons members with an additional support system where they can exercise, socialize, shop, and more. People of all skill levels are invited to participate in the group rides. A few CWUW bikes will be available for use, but riders may also use their personal bikes on the rides. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the registration form for group rides.



  1. Indianapolis Zoo (4.8 miles)

  2. Newfields (3.2 - 4.1 miles)

  3. Indiana State Museum & Canal (3.4 miles)

  4. Crown Hill Cemetery (2.6 miles)

  5. The Marian Center (3.4 miles)

  6. Indianapolis Public Library (2.5 miles)

  7. Marian University (2.9 miles)

  8. Safeway Grocery Store (2.9 miles)

  9. Post Office (0.5 miles)

  10. Eskenazi Hospital (2.8)

  11. Riverside Parks & Trails (1.3 miles)

  12. Monon Trail (3.2 miles)

    * Always open to changes or additions

Bike Rental Membership Program

The Let’s Bike rental program provides access to a bike on a more individual basis for members of King Commons. Individuals may apply to have access to a CWUW bike for up to 1 month to use bikes for exercise, groceries, errands, shopping, work, and more. An application is required to participate.

The Application Process

An application must be submitted to have access to bike rentals. Once the application is received a CWUW representative will contact you to set up an interview. Upon approval, members will be given an identification card that allows you to check out a bike from Flanner House during hours of operation (9a-5p). This service is offered free of charge so long as the bike is returned before the end of the workday every day. Scroll down to access the registration form for the rental program.

Included with a Let’s Bike Membership

1 Bike

Bike Lock


(Available upon request)