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Indianapolis, IN
United States of America



Our staff is made up of women and men who help to develop and maintain our programs and services.


Rhonda L. Bayless, Executive Director

Tracy Cork, Garden Maintenance and 7 Dimensions of Wellness

Maya Haller Urschel, Health Administration Intern



We are very grateful to the number of volunteers who continue to help to further our mission.


  • LaWanda Martindale
  • Lisa Coffman
  • Yolanda Askew
  • Ebonye Potter
  • Kareema Boykin
  • Adrianne Simms

Social Media

  • Leslie Carpenter
  • Veronica Gabbard

 Sisters Together

  • Michelle Clegg
  • Jannifer Denise

Mindfulness Matters

Sabrena Suggs, Mental Health Intern

Meatless Monday

  • Partnership with Indy Veggie Group