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SPROUT Garden Education

sprout garden education

SPROUT Garden Education is our program to teach women and their families the benefits of gardening and growing your own food. CWUW offers a comprehensive garden program that includes both classroom training and hands on education at a garden site. 

As of 2017, our SPROUT program has transitioned from our Miss Mary Wellness Garden site to a new site, "The Healing Space", at Flanner House. The goals are still the same, despite the change of location. 

Wishlist for New space

  • Hand tools for aging adults
  • Lumber for raised beds
  • Paint - All colors
  • Mulch and soil
  • Skilled volunteers to help build space

Ideas for the new space

Donate to help us develop our new space!


Miss Mary’s Wellness Garden (MMWG)  was started in 2010-2016 in the Riverside Neighborhood creating a unique green space for both community gardening and wellness activities. 

MMWGprovided opportunities for the neighbors of Riverside to learn more about gardening and issues focusing on food security as a social justice concern.  In seeking funding, our project furthered our mission of empowering women and families in building knowledge of food insecurity issues and what actions can be made to address those concerns.

Activities at the garden

  • Little Library:  Books provide free to neighbors
  • Yoga:  In the summer, the space is used for beginners yoga for the community
  • Garden education:  We need provide garden education to women who want to start their own garden
  • Groups:  Miss Mary's is a space for groups to hold meetings outside.  We have a great deck/platform for education to take place
  • Community Service Projects:  Colleges, churches, and groups can come to the space and help us keep it looking GREAT! 

CWUW is a member of the Indy Food Council

Farm City: An Indy Food Story

CWUW participates in a documentary about food systems and health in Indianapolis

Here's the link!

Food Movement News

Healthy Food Resolution Passes: Read more!

CWUW is the 2013 recipient of the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Inc.IPL Project GreenSpace grant!

"GreenSpace is a grassroots driven effort that helps transform vacant lots and underused spaces into natural, beautiful and functional pocketparks and greenspaces for a neighborhood. " - KIB

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You can be a part of our workdays and activities.  If you want to be a part of Miss Mary's garden, contact us at