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We empower women and their families to TAKE ACTION in their health and well-being.

Empowering women and their families living in urban communities to TAKE ACTION in their health and well-being through education, prevention, advocacy, and care. 

We are cultural and gender responsive space.

Together, We WIN!


We Believe Women

By helping women to create a culture of wellness using the 7 Dimensions of Wellness, women and their families develop skills and tools to address all aspects of their lives to improve their vitality and to make better lifestyle choices. 

We take a social-ecological approach to addressing health and wellness. There is a multi-faceted range of factors influence outcomes from the individual/personal to environmental, community to public policy.

Women's Health In Indiana

On average, about 23 women die from heart disease and stroke in Indiana each day.

- 59.5% of women in Indiana are obese and overweight.

- 43.7% of women in Indiana report poor mental health.

-(Indiana Department of Women's Health)

Great Places 2020

The effort seeks to transform strategic places in Marion County into dynamic urban villages. These places already have great assets and potential, but they also have challenges that this process hopes to address.. Philanthropic, civic, and private partners will engage with neighborhoods to make significant social and capital investments to enhance quality of life and spur private investment.

Flanner House is the lead agency for the King Commons Great Places initiative. CWUW is excited to be a part of this initiative as we are a part of the work with Flanner House and the neighbors to enhance quality of life for the 25th and MLK corridor. We will work closely with Flanner House and LISC to help convene neighbors, business owners, and investors to complete the goals for the project. CWUW is a co-located nonprofit with an office at Flanner House. Our proximity to the project is ideal.

Also, CWUW is the Health Community Builder for King Commons in partnership with Flanner House. CWUW will lead health related programs and initiatives, work with community health workers, and engage neighbors in improving health outcomes. To learn about Great Places 2020, visit

Wellness for Seniors: We all need Wellness Education

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CWUW's programs help women to reach their best.

CWUW's programs help women to reach their best.


Together, We Win!

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